Steps Insitu, The story so far

Steps Insitu is the first company to focus solely on the scenario aspect of simulations. Founded in July of 2018 by a Registered Nurse and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) instructor named Jason Burgess.  He felt that there was not a standardized approach to running neonatal mock codes, this led to inconsistent experiences for various healthcare staff during their simulation portion of their NRP training. Jason also felt that current simulations often followed a one directional approach, waiting for the users to take the correct actions in order to continue on in the program. This was not a true reflection of an actual situation. Debriefings were often very difficult due to the complex actions which occur in a neonatal code situation. Jason was determined to create something that would address all these issues.

After teaching himself some basic application development skills, he drafted a simple application that loosely gave users the experience of his vision. The feedback was very positive from the medical team who tried the program. After another year of trying to create Steps Insitu on his own, he enlisted the help of Chop Dawg Studios, Inc. 5 months later, Jason had a prototype to show off Steps Insitu’s functionality and multiple uses.  

Jason continues to work as an RN in the NICU at Virtua Voorhees as a front-line provider.  Jason’s wife Michelle is currently a Physician’s Assistant at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia in their NICU department. With 20 years’ experience in the care of the neonate, she offers a different perspective in neonatal simulations. Christine Catts, DNP, and Dr. Lenny Goldsmith function as professional advisers on the project. 

With this experience, Jason hopes to provide the best possible scenario-based learning software for hospitals and universities everywhere. Starting with the neonatal population, Neonatal Steps Insitu will provide a method to perform simulations without the need for expensive simulation equipment. By providing a base program for anyone holding an active NRP instructor account, Steps Insitu can help standardize neonatal mock codes, especially for low resource institutions. 

How Steps Insitu can improve training in your institution

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