Learning is a journey, and the Steps we take should move us in the direction which allow us to grow and develop.  While learning how to walk we are not hindered in which direction we can walk, and with that our company was born.

In situ adjective: in the natural or original position or place.

Steps Insitu is intended to provide an easy to use tool for educators to conduct their simulation training in any environment they see fit for training.  Steps Insitu works best when used in the environment that a situation would take place such as a delivery room, or the Emergency Department.  These environments are just as important as the simulation itself as often problems occur due to logistics of the environment.

Steps Insitu is an objective based simulation scenario tool.  Objectives are selected for each scenario, as well as the team’s skill level and oxygen delivery source to the patient.  These entries provide the ruleset for each scenario giving the users a customized scenario, rarely experiencing the same outcome twice.  Steps Insitu will provide the Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation for the training team. Additionally, to stimulate and promote critical thinking, outcomes of the scenarios are programmed to change based on the team’s actions and skill level.


Our goal is to reduce medical errors to zero!

By providing a scenario in an environment unique to one’s organization and the ability to make mistakes to learn from, these mistakes lead to growth and further innovation.

Participants have their own tablet which connected through Wi-Fi will act as a monitor and data pad.  This tablet displays patient data and images that provide clues about potential problems with the patient.  The participants can change the oxygen settings on their own tablet which directly effects patient outcomes.  Together with a mannequin of your choosing, participants have the tools needed to provide a satisfactory simulation experience.

Steps Insitu works like a complex choose your own adventure where actions participants perform are entered on a tablet by the facilitator.  When an action is selected, the program records the vital signs, oxygen settings, and current assessment of the patient at the precise time the action takes place.  The participants can perform any action, not just the correct action, giving the users the freedom to use clinical judgement.  By mapping out every possible combination of actions, we can allow the participants to both display their knowledge but also learn from their mistakes.  The team’s actions are all recorded to build a detailed log for the team to debrief from at the conclusion of the scenario.

Scenario debriefings are uploaded to the server at the conclusion of the activity and each user will receive a notification from Steps Insitu of the completion of a scenario.  They can access the debriefing at any time and track their own progress over time.  Organizations can also track key data trends such as overall performance and progress.  Steps Insitu is built on the data it collects to identify key issues which challenge the medical community.  This helps everyone identify where we need to improve and Steps Insitu will continue to strive to provide the best tool for our users.

By providing a software tool to assist medical personnel to perform training simulations anywhere and anytime, we are providing a service that can help save lives!  We are not telling people how to do their jobs; we are providing a tool for them to help do their jobs better!