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“In the United States, 10 percent of all newborns need some intervention, and 1 percent will require extensive resuscitative measures at delivery” (Weiner, Zaichkin, & Kattwinkel, 2016). 

Simulation training for NRP is the gold standard and current recommendation for all staff attending the births of newborns. Steps Insitu is a mobile application using various scenarios which address the critical thinking aspect scenario training.  By controlling the clinical scenario, we create simulations that require high level training, and with portability of application software these scenarios can be carried out in the actual environments they would occur. Steps Insitu is designed to be a simple, yet effective tool to guide healthcare providers through various scenarios addressing different possible needs of the high-risk neonate. 

Weiner, G. M., Zaichkin, J., & Kattwinkel, J. (2016). Textbook of neonatal resuscitation. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics.




Many possible outcomes


Using the idea that not every experience in a simulation may be the same, we have taken the time to work in many possible branching pathways allowing teams to learn from their actions and take corrective actions if needed

Rigorous Testing


Once we have finished the initial development of our product, we begin performing meticulous bug checks.  It is then reviewed by professional advisers who are experts in their fields to verify authenticity of possible outcomes.

Debriefing tool


Steps Insitu takes in the input entered based on the participants actions and remembers key data during the scenario.  Steps Insitu will then compile a debriefing screen for the facilitator to use to guide the debriefing phase.

Our team

Jason Burgess, BSN, RNC-NIC
Chief Executive Officer

Jason Burgess, BSN, RNC-NIC

Chief Executive Officer


Michelle Kwok-Burgess, PAC

Professional Advisor

ChopDawg Studios

ChopDawg Studios


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Steps Insitu has grown from an idea to a concept to a prototype, and we continue to grow and develop.  We are actively looking for facilities who are interested in testing out our software when it hits beta.  Steps Insitu is also seeking funding to create a product with scalability for years to come. 

Steps Insitu

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