A Growing Scenario Library

Steps Insitu will release with 6 scenarios involving various high-risk deliveries. Plans to expand on this current library as well as adding NICU events, Pediatric Events, and Emergency Room Events are in the works to help cover all your simulation scenario needs.

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Data you can use

Steps Insitu was originally built as a tool to assist medical teams improve on teamwork, skills, and communication during a high-risk simulated scenario.  We discovered that the data generated from performing these scenarios provided us with crucial knowledge gaps we were lacking in practice.  It was only a matter of time before we faced these problems in a live setting.  Data is what drives progress, and Steps Insitu believes that every learning experience should provide data to review and learn from.

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Detailed debriefing reports

Much like real life, healthcare emergencies can be unpredictable and challenges our critical thinking abilities.  With Steps Insitu, each scenario will start out the same, however based on the team’s decisions and settings entered, every scenario may play out differently.  It is hard to recall everything during the scenario for debriefing, so Steps Insitu provides a detailed log on every action performed for the educator to debrief from.

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Other Highlights

Providing opportunities for multiple job roles to work together on an ever-growing list of challenge scenarios.
Scenarios can be customized based on your team’s experience level, allowing the teams to be challenged but not overwhelmed.
Scenarios can cross multiple departments, to help build teamwork between different units in the hospital.